June is a special time for Monster Energy Supercross, an FIM World Championship. Sure, we are 3 months from the Monster Energy Cup, and just two thirds of the year shy of the gate drop at Anaheim 1. Why is the month of June so relevant? Right now- contracts are being signed, endorsement opportunities closing, expenses are being calculated, and photoshoots are being scheduled for AMSOIL Arenacross.

In the next coming months, riders will get frequent visits from the FedEx truck leaving parcels of new suspension kits and motor packages Testing begins this month for a lot of AMSOIL Arenacross teams, and the Ricky Carmichael’s Road To Supercross athletes are submitting entries and drawing maps of which rounds they want to hit. 

For those of us who are learning about how one obtains his or her 250SX license, a rider must qualify for three night shows in the Arenacross class. Arenacross is the ultra competitive, high intensity counterpart to Monster Energy Supercross. There is no better place to cut your teeth than with the professionals racing inside the tight confines of hockey and basketball arenas across the country. It’s big league racing squeezed into a bottle, featuring the same obstacles as supercross in a more competitive enviroment.

Recent rookie sensations from The Road To Supercross carry heavyweight names such as Jordon Smith, R.J. Hampshire and Aaron Plessinger. Supercross veteran Justin Brayton spent a couple seasons racing AMSOIL Arenacross before making his Monster Energy Supercross debut years ago, as did Wil Hahn and Jake Weimer . Each and every one of these racers will tell you the most difficult thing about arenacoss are the absolutely massive whoops. If you cannot conquer the whoops, you will not qualify for a main. It’s that simple.

Now, June, is the time ot begin building upper body strength and shoulder stamina. Countless low weight horizontal presses and hours on the row machine ensue. Whoops should be the only thing on their mind. Many upcoming local pro riders have the skill to execute the timing of an AMSOIL Arenacross rhythm section but only a few can do it with the speed and intensity needed to qualify for an AMSOIL Arenacross

But with practice comes perfection. DaVinci didn't paint a masterpiece the first time he picked up a brush. Suspension settings get dialed, the months close down, fresh gear with your name and number show up on your doorstep, sponsors logos are applied to the new race bike, and all your ducks are in order. In January the first gate drops to the beginning of The Road, but the champions of the future’s season starts now.