Team Rockstar Energy OTS- FF/Yamaha, in association with Rock River and Cycle Trader, will be launching into the fourteen round AMSOIL Arenacross series with a championship proven team, featuring Chris Blose and Matt Goerke. The first round kicks off in the Buckeye State of Ohio as the intense, bar-banging action invades Cincinnati’s U.S. Bank Arena on Saturday, January 7th. The Canadian based team  will be managed by Ontario resident Andre Laurin as they invade American  soil and attempt to stake their claim to the Ricky Carmichael Cup.

Blose and Goerke will be looking to gather the momentum that they have accumulated north of the border when the season kicks off on January 7th. The combination of seasoned experience and outright speed between the duo will put Team Rockstar Energy/OTSFF/Yamaha, in association with Rock River and Cycle Trader in direct contention to hoist the heavy hardware when the fourteen rounds of racing come to a close in Sin City at the beginning of May. 

“In all honesty, the transition  to the new team  and new bike has  been amazing. Yamaha has  been a bike that I’ve been wanting  to race  for a while now, so now that I’m on it I’m super happy  and in a great  place  mentally and physically.  The Yamaha 250F is a very proven  bike with Cooper Webb and Jeremy Martin dominating on them,  so it’s time Yamaha comes in swinging in AMSOIL Aren- across. Team  Rockstar Energy/OTSFF/ Yamaha, in association with Rock River and Cycle Trader,  is very professional and they want to win as bad as the riders do. They have  nothing but the best,  so they give the riders the right tools and equip- ment to succeed.”  -Chris Blose

Chris Blose finished  runner-up in the AMSOIL Arenacross championship last year to his former Babbit’s Kawasaki teammate, Gavin Faith, as the two ended the season separated by a mere  five points.  The Arizona native filled in for the injured Matt Goerke throughout the 2016 Canadian National AX Tour and it didn’t take him long to adapt to the new team. He swept  the series by claiming the title across all three classes, showing  his competitiveness isn’t reliant on the color of bike that he’s riding. Blose’s veteran experience in the sport as well as his compounding familiarity with the series will undoubtedly make  him an indispensable asset to the team. He’s heading into his third full-time season in the AMSOIL Arenacross championship and won’t settle  for anything  less  than the top spot on the podium.

“I’ve been with the team  past  couple  years up in Canada and they decided to do U.S. Arenacross which is sweet. I’ve been there the last two years with them,  I won the first year and the second year we got second, but we rode good and won some races. I had an injury right before  the Canadian Arenacross tour started, so I skipped that series, but it was nothing major. I’m good, I’ve been preparing for a while, so I’m ready for it to start.  It seems like it’s been forever. The team  is awesome. We get along well. l’m very comfortable with the bike and them, and my bike is fast, so I’m pretty pumped on that. Everybody works hard and we’ve got a good setup coming into Arenacross.” -Matt Goerke      

Matt Goerke has  ridden the Canadian Motocross Nationals for a couple  of years underneath the Team  Rockstar Energy/OTSFF canopy. He beat  Colton Facciotti to the 2015 title in a battle that came down to the final moto of the season. In 2016,  he put forth an honorable effort to defend his #1 plate on Canadian soil, but he came up just short to Davi Millsaps when all the racing was said and done. Goerke was able to score multiple moto victories and overalls  throughout the season, showing  podium speed and race  winning potential every weekend. The last time he contested the AMSOIL Arenacross series, he finished  5th overall at the end of the season. He showed promising  speed in the intense, close  quarters of arena racing by coming away with multiple main event  victories and podiums throughout the year.  The Florida native will be riding on a high-crested wave of confidence coming off of his successful racing ventures in Canada, put- ting him in direct discussion for the 2017 title hunt.