TiLube Husqvarna TUF Racing goes 1 and 2 in Spokane.  Regal extends point lead. Faith move into third.


Regal and Faith celebrate with their 1-2 finish in Spokane

The TiLube, Tuf racing Husky boys, let everyone know right from the beginning that they were on a mission in Spokane this weekend. They set the top two fastest times in qualifying, finished

First and second in their heat races. Then they raced each other in the bracket races for the extra point with Gavin taking the win in that one.  The first main event was fairly uneventful with

Kyle and Gavin moving up to finish 3rd and 4th after unusual mid pack starts, Goerke took the win in the first main event and picked the 16 in the suitcase to reverse the lineup order for the second moto.

Kyle likes that red plate. I think he plans on keeping it for a while.


Somehow Kyle took his second row start and made it work as he came around in third after the first lap. Steinke took advantage of starting

In the first row and was gone.  He had a huge lead by the time Kyle made his way up to second.  Kyles 3-2 finishes gave him the overall for the night.

Gavin came around in 8th the first lap and put in fast and consistent laps to move up to third at the end. His 4-3 finishes gave him 2nd overall for the night,

And propelled him into 3rd in the point standings from 6th  where he started the night at.


The TiLube Husqvarna riders are peaking at the right time. Could this be Husqvarna’s first championship in SX/AX ever?


Next round is in Tacoma WA stop by and say hi if you’re in the area. The racing action is really starting to heat up.

1st -  KYLE REGAL 91

2nd - CHRIS BLOSE 85 (-6)  

3rd - GAVIN FAITH 79(-12)  

4th - JACOB HAYES 76 (-15)  

5th -  MATT GOERKE75 (-16)  

6th - CORY  GREENE72 (-19)  

7th –ROBERT KINIRY 71 (-20)  

8th - TRAVIS SEWELL66 (-25)  

9th - GARED STEINKE63 (-28) 

10th - STEVEN MAGES 53 (-38)



About TUF Racing: TUF is the longest running privateer team in the history of AMA racing with their first SX team back in 1985. Past riders include Alan King, Keith Bowen, Todd Dehoop,

Ron Tichenor, Ron Lechein, Mark Barnett, Josh Demuth, Jimmy Gaddis, Buddy Antunez, Denny Stephenson, Danny Smith, Chad Johnson and Jeff Gibson just to name a few.