Side by Side

Daniel Blair #125 - Arenacross Lites West Coast Champion

Dave Ginolfi #13 – Arenacross Lites East Coast Champion


Which cities would you like to see on the Arenacross 2016 schedule?

DB:  I would like to see Reno, Sacramento, and Fresno all on the same year. 

DG:  Being from NJ I would like to see more east coast cities in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York.

What was your favorite Arenacross track in 2015?

DB:  Not sure why but I really liked Tampa. Maybe it’s because I was able to pass Dave there and grab my second Arenacross Lites Main of the year. 

DG:  My favorite track from the 2015 season was in Southaven, MS it was a different style layout with some different options in the rhythms.

What are you looking forward to most about the 2016 Arenacross season?

DB:  Being able to win more mains than Dave in 2016 is what I am looking forward to most. It should be pretty easy. Was no problem in 2015.

DG:  Seeing my best friend and idol Daniel Blair. He rode for Geico Honda so to have someone with his accomplishments in AX is amazing.

What's your favorite obstacle on an Arenacross track?

DB:  Favorite obstacle is the finish line jump. Nothing feels better than grabbing the checkered flag and seeing Dave back there pouting. 

DG:  Back row starts.

What was the most exciting race in 2015?

DB:  I think Southhaven, MS. I got a bad start but slammed Dave in the 2nd corner. He tried to pass me back but I was able to ride at about 70% and keep him behind me.

DG:  Colorado Springs I was chasing Herrlein and I tagged a tuff block, went off the track and fell back to around 7th.  Then put on a charge and after about 2 laps of Blair zig zagging to block me going up to the checkers I saw a little room on the outside and pinned it.  He was blocking so we both couldn’t jump the catapult so I gave it a little more gas, landed awkwardly into the landing, fell off the back of my bike and sent it flipping and made the pass for 2nd . It was well worth beating my idol.

What do you think about Ricky Carmichael’s Road to Supercross?  Do you think it is working?  What changes would you put in place to improve the program?

DB:  I love the concept. I think it should be a little tougher for these guys to get their license. I would make the Arenacross Lites Class the class that earns a rider their points and have them need to earn maybe 50 points or something. But I love the idea and the experience these youngsters get before moving to SX. 

DG:  Once people stop thinking of it as a negative and embrace it I think it will be outstanding. It seems like some of the better amateur kids coming in have the attitude like it’s a waste of their time, but they haven’t set the world on fire so that confuses me, but I think it’s awesome and to have Ricky Carmichael hyping it up is great.